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New Ways to Teach English. Designing class contents and activities for English teaching.

New Ways to Teach English

Designing class contents and activities to teach English

Considering the possibilities and resources that media such as the Internet can provide, I design class contents and exercises featuring current topicality. This ensures that the student will immediately develop interest in the activities.

These are some everyday activities that I prepare and that I would like to share with teachers and students.

Listening & comprehension activity

Listen to this as many times as you can and answer the questions.

  1. What's Madonna's answer to the guard's very first question?
  2. Why does she need to go into the disco?
  3. In the bedroom, what does she say about the sound guy?
  4. What's she sponsoring?
  5. What's the word Madonna uses to mean "bad dream"?
  6. ORAL (With me): Tell me what the commercial is all about.

Listening & comprehension activity

Watch this interview and answer:

  1. How long has David been married?
  2. What does he celebrate on June 6?
  3. Does he have any children? If so, what’s their name?, age?
  4. What two things that David studied are mentioned in the interview?
  5. What comments does he make about each of these courses of study?

YouTube listening activity

Watch this interview (host: Ellen, guest: Sharon Stone) and answer.

  1. What month is Sharon’s birthday?
  2. What’s Ellen’s question about Sharon’s hair? What’s Sharon’s answer?
  3. How many kids does Sharon have?
  4. How old is the youngest?
  5. There’s a member of Sharon’s family who has the same name as her son, who’s that?
  6. Complete this statement by Sharon: Two’s a family, three is a…………………….
  7. When Ellen asks Sharon about her dating situation, Sharon gives a “funny” answer, what is it?
  8. What does this answer reveal about Ellen’s personal life?

Listening & comprehension activity

Watch this video and answer the questions:

  1. What’s the name of the film they are referring to?
  2. Ellen congratulates Heath on two events, what are they?
  3. How old is his baby? What’s her name?
  4. How did Heath find out his film had been nominated?
  5. What do you find funny about the scene from the movie Ellen plays?
  6. Can you mention one of the things Heath liked about his character?
  7. The word “clenched” is used several times by Heath, in what context? What does it mean?
  8. Where is his daughter’s name popular?
  9. Ellen shows an outfit, who is it intended for?

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